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Participation in NIAA sanctioned sports is a privilege and responsibility which requires all participants to adhere to athletic training rules imposed by the school district and member or affiliate school the student attends and represents. Adherence to training rules ensures that all student-athletes are in top physical condition, minimizes potential for injury, and further ensures that all member and affiliate school athletic teams are appropriately represented by their student-athletes. Therefore, the possession or use of any controlled substance, alcohol or tobacco products by a student athlete, whether it occurs on or off of school property, is prohibited and shall result in the penalties set forth herein.

This regulation shall begin once our son/daughter begins participation as a student athlete in high school athletics. This policy remains in effect for every calendar school year during the course of his/her high school career and when he/she is directly involved in a school activity occurring at any time (summer leagues / camps, etc.). This policy remains in effect regardless of whether our son/daughter is currently participating on a high school athletic team.

a. Definitions The following terms or phrases shall have the meaning ascribed to them for purposes of interpreting this Policy.

1. Competitive Week – means a seven (7) day period of time beginning with the first scheduled competition after a violation occurs in which a student athlete is participating as a member of an athletic team for a member or affiliate school, and in which that team is officially competing in NIAA sanctioned competition.

2. Controlled Substance – includes any mind altering substance or beverage set forth in Schedule I-V of the list of Controlled Substances as identified by the office of the Drug Enforcement Administration or as set forth in 21 U.S.C. §812.

3. Period of Suspension – means a student athlete is prohibited from appearing in any NIAA sanctioned sport or event as a member of an athletic team or in individual competition. A suspension from athletic competition begins with the first scheduled competition after a violation occurs. A student athlete who is suspended under this regulation who does not serve the entire period of suspension during the sport season in which suspension occurs shall serve any remaining period of suspension during the next sport season in which the student athlete appears on a NIAA roster. A violation of this regulation that occurs during a time when a student athlete does not appear on a NIAA roster shall be implemented at the commencement of the next sport season in which the student athlete participates. Attendance in a summer school class shall not apply toward satisfying any period of suspension.

4. Possession means a student / athlete who is in actual physical control of alcohol, tobacco or a controlled substance.

b. Possession or Use of Tobacco/Alcohol/Controlled Substance/Narcotics. Any student athlete determined to be in possession of, or to have used tobacco, including smoking tobacco, chewing tobacco or snuff, an alcoholic beverage (as defined by NRS 202.020 and any relevant local ordinances), controlled substance and/or narcotic (unless prescribed by the student athlete’s physician for medical purposes), is in violation of this policy. If after an investigation by the school it is determined that the student athlete is in violation of this regulation the student athlete shall immediately be declared ineligible to compete in any NIAA competition beginning with the first scheduled competition after a violation occurs. Additionally, the student athlete shall be subject to the following discipline:

1. First Violation: a six (6) competitive week suspension from participation in interscholastic competition beginning with the first scheduled competition after the suspension occurs. Four (4) competitive weeks of the suspension of eligibility may be waived if the student successfully completes all components of the appropriate substance abuse intervention program set forth in

subparagraphs (d) (1) (A) and (d) (1) (B) below. The student may practice with the team during the period of suspension if approved by the coach and principal.

2. Second Violation: The student shall be suspended from interscholastic competition for a minimum of ninety (90) school days which shall include a minimum of six (6) competitive weeks of competition. The student shall not be allowed to practice with the team, or participate in any out of season activities and must complete the requirements set forth in subparagraphs A and B below, in order to be considered for reinstatement of future athletic eligibility, which shall be determined following the ninety (90) day suspension of athletic eligibility by a group composed of one of the student’s parents/legal guardians, the school principal, athletic director, coach and a substance abuse program coordinator.

A. A substance abuse evaluation assessment conducted by a licensed alcohol and drug counselor at the expense of the parent/legal guardian of the student must be completed within ten (10) school days following the suspension and all assessment recommendations must be satisfactorily met before athletic eligibility may be reinstated.

B. The student must successfully participate in all sessions of the appropriate substance abuse intervention program set forth in subparagraphs (d) (1) (a) and (d) (1) (B) below, and successfully complete a minimum of ten (10) tobacco or alcohol/drug related support sessions.

3. Third Violation: The student shall be ineligible to participate in interscholastic athletics for the remainder of the student’s high school career.

4. Appeal: A student that serves their third violation and still has more than one year of remaining eligibility can appeal through the NIAA Board of Control. Both the students and his / her parents must attend this meeting of the Board to present their appeal.

c. Cumulative Effect of Suspensions: Multiple suspensions of a student athlete’s athletic eligibility based on violations of this Regulation shall be considered as cumulative over the length of each student athlete’s high school career, 9th through 12th grade.

d. Substance Abuse Intervention Program: Any student who has been suspended from athletic eligibility for violation of the provisions of this Regulation and whose future athletic eligibility is contingent on successful completion of a Substance Abuse Intervention Program, or whose suspension of athletic eligibility may be reduced through successful participation in a Substance Abuse Intervention Program, shall complete the Substance Abuse Intervention Program developed by the NIAA in conjunction with the State of Nevada, Department of Human Resources Division of Child and Family Services Program available through the Juvenile Justice Programs Office: (775) 684-7294.

1. Successful completion of the Substance Abuse Intervention Program shall require, at a minimum:

A. The completion of a video program specific to the nature of the student athlete’s offense, by the student athlete, and his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s), as demonstrated by the successful completion of an assignment on the content of the video by the student athlete and his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s).

B. The completion of a minimum of an eight (8) hour assignment selected from a list of ten (10) possible assignments by school personnel. Successful completion shall be determined through a meeting between the student athlete, his/her parent(s) or legal guardian(s), the head coach of the sport in which the student athlete was participating at the time of offense, and the school counselor or dean of students.

All investigations and penalty enforcements will be conducted by the school and / or district with support through the NIAA office.