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Galena HS Athletic Website

Home of the Grizzlies

 League Championships: 98

 Regional Championships: 68

 State Championships: 30

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                                    Philosophy of the
                           Galena Athletic Department

Galena High School feels that athletics is a very important part of the educational experience at the high school level. Within the framework of Galena High School's philosophy, the Athletic Department is committed to:
      * Provide a variety of positive experiences for all athletes in as many different sports as possible.
      * Emphasize the importance of academics as a priority for all athletes.
      * Use athletics as a vehicle for athletes to:
            ** Promote higher self-esteem.
            ** Create a positive alternative for free time.
            ** Instill positive discipline and values.
            ** Learn leadership and cooperation skills.
            ** Build confidence.
      * Provide an avenue for athletes to develop a stronger physical, mental,
        emotional, and social well-being.
      * Promote sportsmanship as the cornerstone of the athletic program.

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